"History is us," all of us:
indifferent and participating, protagonists and extras,
But all with their own "story" to tell.
To know, to reflect on the past and also on the present,
Have thought of a virtual museum:
Weave of yesterday's lives and in the making

Yesterday as today... today as yesterday: on the ocean or on the land to follow the call of a dream

In the collective imagination, the history of Italian emigration is often linked to the long ocean crossings of shiploads of men and women, whose names are often unknown, with their bundles, full of hope, pain, toil and courage.

Going abroad is often a desire, a need to learn about new worlds, it expresses the desire to broaden one's horizons, whoever it is undertakes this journey.

Video stories, Travel notes: stories of migrant souls,  highlight some stories of often famous people who crossed the "sea" of the unknown to follow their dreams, ambitions, but also out of necessity.

Personalities from the world of literature, art, fashion and music, who have had significant experiences abroad, leaving an imprint on their lives and on the history of Italian culture.

In order to know and not to lose their memory, Luca Scarlini opens the "notebooks" of many artists to accompany us to an "elsewhere," where their fate was often played out.

First installment: FAUSTA CIALENTE

Second installment: LORENZO DA PONTE

Third installment: ITALIAN FASHION in the United States

Fourth installment: MARIO SOLDATI and America

A journey in which to experience the generations from 1871 to the present, bent by misery and strong in hope, have sought their dignity elsewhere.

It is surprising, all of a sudden, to realize that on that ship, which will have hosted, in the twentieth century, the same hungry and hopeful emigrants or migrant peoples of today, the visitor also sets sail:

the crossing, the arrival at Ellis Island, then life in Little Italy, and more pictures and documents of those who got lucky and those who didn't, up to the present day,

with meeting other faces of men, women, old men and children of all races, the human beings who even today ask you to look not only with your eyes.

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TRAVEL NOTES. stories of migrant souls.

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📓Travel notes: stories of migrant souls.

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